Wellness Lifestyle: Teach Your Children Well

“I believe that children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way...”   -Whitney Houston


What you believe and what you actually DO with your beliefs are two different things.

Whitney Houston BELIEVED that the children are the future, but her lifestyle contradicted her beliefs and so, she couldn’t TEACH by example.  If you know the end of this story, you will see that the results of not teaching your children by example does not work no matter how you slice it.

Do you believe that children are the future? I do. In fact, our children are the only future and hope there is in this world. What are you teaching your children about health? Are you letting society take over that role? If you are, then the health of our children will likely be even more dim than health of our country right now.

America spends more on healthcare than any country in the world: over 3 trillion per year. With no avail, America also has the world’s sickest population with over 28% having multiple chronic conditions at once. Drug deaths, Teen suicide, and Maternal mortality rates in USA are increasing yearly according to Fox News 11/16/2016. The number of children ages 0-17 taking psychotropic prescription drugs is 3,259,955 according to America’s Health Rankings 2018, with that number increasing yearly. Is this the kind of world you want for your children?

You may feel hopeless, but I feel more driven to share with you my wish for our children, the future of our country, and the world. I believe we need to take our health into our own hands, and we must start by living a Wellness Lifestyle. 

What is a wellness lifestyle? It is a life that empowers us to live in gratitude, awareness, and self-responsibility. It is being proactive about our health by learning what is making us sick and taking an active role in our health by changing our habits and activities.

There are four essential approaches to becoming and staying healthy. It starts with eating food that is unprocessed and comes directly from the earth without any chemicals or modifications (GMOs); this means at least 50% being raw organic or locally grown vegetables and fruits. The second approach is being active, exercising at least 4 days per week. This means activity as low impact as walking to start and then building up to more movement, stretching, and sweating to get toxins out and heart rates up. The third approach is on a more emotional and mental level, focusing on the good in our lives by writing in a gratitude journal daily and being with people that lift and love you. 

The final approach is maintaining a healthy spine and nervous system. Did you know that your nervous system is the master system of our body, controlling and coordinating all your cells, organs, glands, blood vessels, muscles, and allows us to adapt to our environment? True health means having a healthy brain and nervous system, so we can function fully mentally, emotionally and physically. Chiropractic is based on supporting the body by restoring proper nerve function when there is stress on the spinal nerves causing subluxations. Chiropractic simply allows the body to work and heal better naturally. Chiropractic adjustments relieve stress in the spine and nervous system and is gentle enough for newborns to elderly folks.

Teach your children by example. Begin by eating healthy and wholesome foods, stay active to detox, practice gratitude, and get adjusted! Include these approaches into your life to create a wellness lifestyle of your own. If you need a jump start or just a helping hand in starting this wellness journey, contact us at Full Life Chiropractic (201-385-7800) and mention this article to receive a free phone consultation on how you can incorporate wellness in your life. Be the change you want to see in your world and inspire the people around you. Lead the way and create a better future for yourself and in turn, create a better future for your children and loved ones.