Dr. Victoria Dubin Master, Founder




My Personal Manifesto.

I am a Chiropractor and Health Coach that has been practicing for 27 years and my manifesto is to share with people their personal ability for vibrant health naturally. My hope is to shed light on how people can harness their natural health as God intended for them to have.

By doing a thorough and complete evaluation and consultation in my office, I can discover if there is stress in their body and where it is. Once that is discovered, I help people to release their innate healing potential by removing stress from their nervous system with gentle, specific and effective chiropractic adjustments.

I also educate people on how they can improve their health through healthy food, specific exercise, and by using natural products on their body’s, and in their homes. This is done by replacing toxic substances with gifts from nature. 

Finally, I teach ways to reduce stress emotionally with things like mediation and the 3 part breath as well as connecting people with the specific tools for their personal needs.

Although everyone at any age from birth to their 90’s can dramatically improve their health and are welcome and encouraged to get evaluated, my ideal patients are young people including babies, children, teens, and young adults. This is because the sooner you make changes the easier it is to live a healthy life. Young people who change the course of their lives and mindset, will then be able to start families with the best health and wisdom possible, thus effecting future generations.

As a mother of 3 young adults and my last leaving for college in the fall, I am able to dedicate my life more fully to my purpose. I am now working on getting my message out into the public by doing presentations to larger groups of people that are ready to make a positive changes in their health and lives.