Maryann P.

For two years I had blurred vision after working on the computer. my vision would be fine in the morning, but blurry by the early afternoon. My eye doctor said i did not need glasses, but to use saline drops for dryness. Despite using the drops, my vision continued to get worse. After ONE adjustment with Dr. Vickie, my eyesight returned to normal throughout the day! It has remained so for six months. The KST treatment seemed unconventional to me at the time - but it works!"

Mike B.

"I am a massage therapist and my work is hard on my body. Although massage helps, certain areas still hurt. I tried chiropractic - Dr. Vickie adjusted me and right away I felt so much better."

Celine P.

"In the past I had a bad experience with chiropractic, however, I trusted Dr. Vickie when I met her in yoga, although I had no specific ailment, I was craving overall wellness. Since I have been coming to see Dr. Vickie, I feel more balanced and energetic. I feel "healed" physically and spiritually when I leave the appointment. There is also a new procedure called The Specific Korean Technique which is perfect for me because I don't like the adjustments when the "crack" me. Always an amazing experience when I come in, I feel loved!"

Gina L.

"Since doing KST I have not had any migraines and do not feel as achy as I have in the past. I feel more energy and healthier since getting adjusted."

Chris A.

"As a very active athlete and business professional, I am constantly on my feet and using my back. After seeing Vickie, I feel excellent and always better than before coming in. A sense of true relief and ease comes over me every time I see her and the adjustments last."

Marion M.

"As a busy new york city lawyer, and mother of three, I have found that since I have been getting adjusted regularly I am not only better at my job, but more importantly, I am a better mother to my three young children.  I feel so much better physically and emotionally Iam less irritable and more patient and present than I ever have been with my children and  husband. I didn't expect that to come out of getting regular chiropractic, but I see the connection personally of how a healthy nervous system effects the most important part of my life... my family."

Aubrey M

"Sometimes it's the little things I notice that make a big difference in my life, like after getting my hair done, I  don't have neck pain for the rest of the day. I don't wake up every morning with headaches and body aches, and I can enjoy my life instead of living with discomfort which I thought I would have to accept as part of my life forever."