Topics in Clinical Chiropractic Series
Chiropractic Care of Special Populations
Robert Mootz, editor
414 Seniors Studied
Demonstrated: health benefits
With Strenuous exercise, independence, health was reported as good or above, less arthritic disability, less depression, less nursing home use, 74% less hospitalizations, less prescribed and OTC medications

Rupert Study
Journal of Manipulative and Therapeutic Technologies
311 Seniors
Demonstrated better health:
50% less MD visits, less OTC and prescription medication, $7,000 less usage of medical services per year, far less medical intervention.

Mechanobiology and Diseases of Mechanotransduction Annals of Medicine 2003
Role mechanics play in our understanding of the molecular basis of disease.
Cytoskeleton and Extra Cellular Matrix
Mechanical forces are key regulators for cellular biology and gene expression
Altered cellular mechanics resulted in the development of dysfunction and disease seen with altered alignment in gravity or altered movement adversely effecting matrix, cell function, cellular organelles, and genetic expression!